Tuesday 24 November 2015

Gift with Purchase by BelVita: Branded Mug

Marketing in China, as usual, stays ahead of the game. This week the famous brand of breakfast biscuits BelVita offers a free gift with purchase of a large pack of cookies of any taste - a big branded mug. The promotion campaign is implemented in Walmart chain of hypermarkets around the country.  

BelVita is a brand of breakfast biscuit sold by Mondelēz International, a U.S. company created from the global snacking and food brands.  It is a range of healthy biscuit, made with five wholegrains, low GI, rich in cereals and a source of fibre.

Mondelēz International announced the launch of BelVita breakfast biscuits in China just recently, on October 15, following its successful rollout in more than 50 markets around the world. Mondelēz International is already the No. 1 biscuit maker in China with beloved brands such as Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and TUC. Leveraging consumer snacking trends around health and nutrition, the company ihas brought the very first breakfast biscuits to China. 

Gift with Purchase by BelVita: Branded Mug
This free-gift marketing campaign is obviously oriented to attracting new consumers and spreading the brand awareness through the totally new market. BelVita is taking good advantage of the promotional gift with purchase effect to operate the marketing awards. The free mug provided can attract more customers to purchase the biscuits,  as everyone would like to benefit from the acquisition. The sales volume and brand awareness will definitely be increased by this marketing strategy by offering something back to customers.

The benefit of implementing gifts with purchase is that it makes your company more potent in the marketplace, effectively bringing brand awareness through clever branding. Used as a gift with purchase, your consumers will use a product like this on a regular basis. 

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