Wednesday 2 March 2016

AXE Gift with Purchase: Slim Wallet

Is being on a budget cramping your style? Are you torn between looking for a replacement for your century-old wallet and buying a body spray that will make you more attractive to women?

In the Philippines, men do not have this kind of problem right now, because AXE has managed to combine a slim wallet with each of its fragrances in one box! Equally, Unilever, AXE’s parent company, does not have to worry about the brand’s sales for the reasons that we listed down below.

AXE Gift with Purchase: Slim Wallet

  • It’s affordable. Its affordability catches AND holds the interest of so many. And when they see the ‘free slim wallet’ written on the box, well, that’s another purchase right there.
  • It’s perfect for brand awareness. The brand is known for its “AXE effect”, which practically means that its wearer becomes more desirable for the opposite sex. The gift with purchase wallet adds to this, and is perfect for bigger brand awareness, because the buyers can actually pull the item out of their pocket and brandish it in public where anyone can take notice of the brand.
  • It will never go out of flair. The design of this promotional wallet makes it A-okay for men around early 20s to early 30s. It is in black as well, and made of high-quality material, so its owner does not have to worry about needing to replace it for years.

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