Wednesday 9 March 2016

Enervon Prime Umbrella Gift with Purchase

You know that a brand truly cares for you when they give you vivid details of the ingredients in their product. You also know that a brand wants to help you more than be a burden to you when they constantly offer you a free item that can be for your daily usage.

In Philippine stores this week, we found this on-pack promo where you can get a free umbrella with your every purchase of a kilo of Enervon Prime.

Allow us to highlight the fine points of this gift with purchase.

Enervon Prime Umbrella Gift with Purchase

  1. The brand name can’t be mistaken. It is right there on the face of the umbrella, and it will not easily fade away from just exposure to sun or air. Therefore, many people will get a good view of it and hopefully want one for themselves as well.
  2. It will seem very reasonably priced. Good, sturdy umbrellas usually cost as much as a nice dress or shirt from a well-known fashion house. If the consumers is in need of a new one AND another pack of the powdered milk drink to strengthen their bones, they will find this marketing product very reasonable because it comes with a promotional umbrella too, which they need. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.
  3. It has great design. Firstly, this is a foldable umbrella, so it can be stored in a bag whenever you go out. The color is practically neutral and suitable for anything the person may want to wear at any day. The metals used to create the gift with purchase are high-quality.

Does this not sound like a winner to you? See more marketing ideas now through our blog, or contact us at Marketing Gifts.

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