Friday 8 April 2016

Angel Gift with Purchase – Free Food Keeper

Milk products that can be used for cooking, baking and frozen desserts are mass produced in cans in the Philippines. One of the brands that does this is Angel, and it has been in the market for over 20 years now. And since it is summer already, the life span of food – especially the ones that have milk or dairy in them – shortens, that’s why it is vital to store them in tight containers that can be kept inside the refrigerator for later meals. Accordingly, Angel must have foreseen this, because they are giving away a free food keeper for every 2 cans of cream/condensed milk products.

Angel Gift with Purchase – Free Food Keeper

Advantages of Getting this Free Food Keeper
  • Space-Saver. The size and shape of the free food keeper allows its user to stash it in any place without taking much space, base-wise. This is a lifesaver if your storage area is small, yet you have a lot of other things to store.
  • Useful. The gift with purchase is supposedly for food storing purposes only, but it can also be a makeup organizer, a pen collection holder, etc. Therefore, it is very useful.
  • Better Brand Awareness. Food keepers, in reality, are the kind of containers that stay in friends’ cupboards when the owner sends leftover food to them, until such time that they remember to give them back. It may be a little troublesome for the owner of the food keeper, but it is a great for a brand whose name will be seen by more people.

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