Friday 13 May 2016

Promotional Tape Dispenser from Nestlé KitKat

School vacation is still being savored by a lot of students all over the globe, but in some countries, the classes are about to start again after a few winks. Soon enough, there will be curfews at home again, and families will swarm the department stores to purchase new bags, shoes, clothes, pens, and other things that students may need at school.

Aside from the stuff we already mentioned, another handy school supply is a tape, as this is not just for artworks. You can use a tape to put a book cover in place and to piece torn pages of books or notes together, among others. Tape dispensers that you can buy at the store may be great for this, but maybe your kids will like it more if you got this promotional tape dispenser from Nestlé KitKat instead.

Promotional Tape Dispenser from Nestlé Kit Kat

Best Qualities of this Gift with Purchase
  1. It’s one rare find. A tape dispenser in the form of a chocolatey bench is only from this brand, that’s why this is a rare find. Also, unique items like this are great home displays. When people come into your house and see this, they will ask where you got it, and then we can get to the second best quality of this gift with purchase, which is:
  2. It helps brand gain more awareness. This on-pack promotion looks and works so well that consumers won’t be able to do anything except for admire it and wish that this is still there when they go to the supermarket. What’s good with a promotional tape dispenser is that even if you are single, the need for tape will arise from time to time, and so this freebie is very handy. And once consumers show interest to the promo gift, we can expect that:
  3. It will pull in more sales for the brand. At the end of the day, achieving higher sales is one of the greatest byproducts of brands’ marketing ideas. There are brands that are not giving much thought to their promo items. Thus, they cannot guarantee their success. But by just looking at this promotional tape dispenser from Nestlé KitKat, we can all agree that excellence is what they are after.
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