Monday 25 July 2016

Free Baby Teether – Gift with Purchase from Nutrilin

Teething is one significant occurrence in the lives of babies which is quite painful and makes them ornery. This is also disheartening for parents to see their child cry day and night when the teeth are coming out of their sensitive gums. Hence, even their eating habits change, and they tend to lose weight during this period.

This is the reason why teethers have been invented. This is also what companies that make food supplements for babies should be banking on, as a way of helping their adult and young consumers in their “life battle”. One manufacturer that has gone this path is Nutrilin.

Free Baby Teether – Gift with Purchase from Nutrilin

Long-Term Benefits from the Gift with Purchase
  1. Higher Brand Value. The parents of teething babies tend to be more emotional than those who have kids in elementary or high school, since that’s when they are more hands-on to the needs of their children. The free baby teether is such a thoughtful freebie that they can cherish and make the brand more valuable to them.
  2. Extra Affordability. The consumers can also see that the brand is extra affordable due to the on-pack promotion. Teethers like this cost at least five dollars if you get them elsewhere, but Nutrilin is giving it for free.
  3. Safeness Guaranteed. Unilab is the owner of the brand, and it is known for its high-quality products. The promo gift too is not of mediocre quality, so you can be sure that your baby will be biting on a nontoxic silicone.

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