Friday 22 July 2016

Ice Age 6 Stamper - Movie Merchandise from Jollibee

When you were still a young lad (or lassie), have you ever been enamored to bug or beg – they were practically the same during those days – your parents to stop by the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant so that you can get one of the fruits of their marketing ideas and show it off to your friends in the neighborhood the next day? You like the food too, but you are far more interested in the toy.

Even when you outgrow them, there are always going to be new generations of kids who can appreciate them. Thus, more fast food chains like Jollibee will also continue making gift with purchase items for the young audiences. The brand’s hottest offering is the Buck stamper, in lieu of the hit animated film Ice Age 6.

Ice Age 6 Stamper - Movie Merchandise from Jollibee

Awesome Brand Treats from Movie Merchandise
  1. Higher Earnings. The promo gift is part of the brand’s Arctic Buddies collection which features all of the Ice Age 6 characters. Its advantage over other toys is that it is exclusive to Jollibee, so more people will want it.
  2. More Love from Consumers. On-pack promotion is not the right term to use for this. You need to buy a value meal to get the plastic figure. Thus, it really is a gift with purchase. But the customers won’t even bat their eyelashes at this, as long as they obtain the toy.
  3. Extra Brand Adoration. The number of parents lining up to the counter with their kids to get the free stamper reveals that Jollibee has still got it. They have just come from Angry Birds and Hello Kitty stuff, and now this. It increases rather than decreases the consumers’ adoration for the brand.

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