Friday 29 July 2016

Free Face Towel from EVE LOM

Washing your face with warm water before bedtime is soothing, isn’t it? It removes the dust, dirt and chemicals that have mingled altogether on your skin and makes you feel a hundred times lighter. Aside from that, there is something satisfying about rubbing circles all over your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and seeing the pinkish glow that your newly cleaned face radiates. Now, you can’t simply use any fabric to dry it off, because that may be too harsh on your skin. The free face towel from EVE LOM is more appropriate for you.

Free Face Towel from EVE LOM

What makes a face towel a great marketing strategy?
  1. It complements the brand. EVE LOM creates skincare merchandise, that’s why the gift with purchase matches it well. When you cleanse the face, you have to towel it dry somehow, so that your shirt won’t be soaked by the water that runs off your face.
  2. It is important to consumers. There should really be a distinction between the towel that you use on your body and face, for the reason that the skin on the latter is more sensitive than the former. Thus, the promotional gift is important for everyone who want smoother skin.
  3. It does not cost a lot. The brand owners also like the fact that the manufacturing of the free face towel does not eat up much of the budget allotted for customized products. They probably only need to hire the fabric-makers and purchase the threads that go to the edges of the material.

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