Wednesday 10 August 2016

Branded Cap - Gift with Purchase by Sean John

The need to be accepted in the society is deeply embedded in our mind that we cannot leave the living quarters without making sure that the shoes match the clothes, and the hair is styled accordingly. Yet, when you need to be someplace else around the same time that laziness hits you hard enough to not even plan your outfit or wash your hair, what can you do?

Well, get the gift with purchase cap from Sean John and be complimented for it, of course.

Branded Cap - Gift with Purchase by Sean John

What are its redeeming aspects?
  • Stylish. The promo gift follows the new design of hats which a lot of millennials are in love with. The brim can also be flat or curved, depending on how the consumer wants to use it.
  • Wearable. This is a wearable gift with purchase, because it can match any outfit. Black is the absence of color, so regardless of what shades of pink, red or brown your clothes possess, the hat can balance it out.
  • Neat. The branded cap is neat due to a couple of reasons. For one, you won’t see threads hanging on the edges. Also, the letterings are stitched, that’s why they can last longer than the printed ones which can chip away easily.

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