Thursday 25 August 2016

Dan’s Comp Promo Idea – Free Green Rag

For the yuppies (read: young professionals) who are moving out of their parents’ home for the first time, realize that your chores as the main man – or woman – of the house does not stop in making sure that dirty and clean clothes are separated, and the bathroom and kitchen are tidy. You have to wash your dish rags, mats and other cleaning tools as well, so that they do not stink or become contaminated. If you are not so enthused to clean the old cloths which turned into rags, then maybe you will be more interested to wash a branded one from Dan’s Comp?

Dan’s Comp Promo Idea – Free Green Rag

Hidden Recompenses from the Promo Gift
  • It’s a keeper. A branded rag is not something that you will want to throw aimlessly in your storage or garage after use. You feel like you have to launder it properly and even fold it nicely.
  • It can be taken anywhere. This is a handy thing to have, especially in case there is a minor oil spill or greasy hands to wipe. Your style will not be cramped even if you have a rag in the bag, because the gift with purchase is from a known company.
  • It has value. Dan’s Comp’s marketing product can help you see that you should give significance to the littlest stuff in your life. After all, you rely to them at times.

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