Thursday 4 August 2016

Juicy Couture Complimentary Backpack

Once the long break has concluded and you need to go back in the academic and money-making realms where the existing rules prohibit you from wearing brightly colored clothes or shoes, you can still quench your thirst for colors through accessories. Neon bracelets are awesome; birthstones for pendants are great too. If these are not enough to satisfy you, Juicy Couture is giving away a complimentary backpack that is in the most stylish shade of pink you can ever want.

Juicy Couture Complimentary Backpack

Cool Marketing Product Benefits
  1. More Profits for the Brand. Because the gift with purchase is different from a promotional pen whose ink will eventually run out just like any other pens from the stores, a larger number of customers may be persuaded to buy something from the brand. Hence, the big sales that Juicy Couture gets every month can go even bigger.
  2. High-End Gift for the Consumer. Although we are all perhaps aware that it is ‘better to give than to receive’, an ethics cop won’t upend you for wanting this promo gift. The material used to create this can just be expected from high-end advertising merchandise similar to the bag.
  3. Stronger Connection Between the Two. Some middle-class earners who can still afford the goods from Juicy Couture are often daunted to pay for one item for the price of three. However, since the complimentary backpack is branded and does not look like a freebie at all, they become dauntless and actually build a good relationship with the company.

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