Monday 15 August 2016

Promo Idea by Tarte – Customized Mug

A night person’s nightmare is needing to wake up before 10 o’clock in the morning. Several people have tried becoming early birds just for experimentation purposes, and the results are not that surprising. It is similar to knowing how to drive on the left-hand side of the car, and then having to do it on a different side in another country. There have been frustrations, doubtfulness if they can do it again, and overall grumpiness due to venturing into the unknown. However, morning may not be so bad if this pink mug from Tarte will be the one greeting you every day.

Promo Idea by Tarte – Customized Mug

Kudos to the brand for making it:
Large. The customized mug can handle the right amount of hot coffee or tea that can awaken the person’s sleepy mind and body. It allows the drinker to just pour the liquid once instead of twice, which is common for small cups.
Cheery. The pink promo gift looks like it can cheer anyone up. You may not even think of being grumpy because of its general appearance.
Meaningful. It helps you realize or remember what your goals are. This gift with purchase tells you to “make today beautiful”, which means that you have to do something worthwhile for yourself and for the others.

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