Friday 2 September 2016

Ariana Grande's Promotional Water Bottle

Celebrities who open up their own businesses either have nowhere else to put their money on, or feel like they need to prove to their haters and supporters that they can do more than just act, sing and dance in front of the camera. Their products set fashion or beauty trends often, and many fans not-so-secretly hope to look the same as their idols. This promotional bottle from Ariana Grande, for example, will definitely be a hit GWP too.

However, what compensations will consumers obtain from this?

Ariana Grande's Promotional Water Bottle

  1. Getting Branded Water Bottle. Let’s not underestimate the number of individuals in the world who claim to be on Team Ariana. The notion of possessing a product, therefore, that has this name signifies it.
  2. Being Cooler Than Your Friends. If your girlfriends copy the singer’s hairdo, you can be unique and have something from her own brand. They can be amazed then about how you have received the gift with purchase and get jealous of your luck.
  3. Amassing More Customers. Although Ariana Grande is a popular as an entertainer, she is still a novice entrepreneur. For this reason, the promo gift will help her brand amass more consumers.

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