Monday 26 September 2016

Blue Sky Promo Idea - Free Magnetic Bookmark

The bookworms deserve a big round of applause for their endless love for paperbacks and hard-bounds when all others are leaning towards the wireless books that have to be downloaded from online stores. This is what gives more work to the people in the paper industry, as well as makes the reading experience extra enjoyable. One more thing avid readers like is the fact that they can use cute bookmarks, such as the freebie from Blue Sky.

Free Magnetic Bookmark from Blue Sky

Direct Edge of the GWP Over Others
  • Magnetized. The free bookmark acts as an amazing barrier between the pages you have and have not read, because of the magnets on both sides that naturally stick to each other. It will therefore be difficult to knock the material off the book by accident.
  • Long-lasting. The gift with purchase will last longer than the paper bookmarks. This is has more strength than the old ones that get crumpled easily in time.
  • Space-saver. This is a promo gift that you can take as is anywhere. It is no longer than your thumb, so storing it in your smallest bag will not be hard.

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