Monday 5 September 2016

Disney Junior Promo Gift - Free Friendship Bracelet

Have you ever asked yourself how Disney stays on top of their game and never seems to lose sales?
You can chalk it up to the mere fact that most people have not outgrown their adoration for Mickey Mouse and his entire crew, the honey-loving Winnie the Pooh, and the wide array of princesses. Through Disney Junior, they have introduced more loveable characters such as Sofia the First and Doc McStuffin whose daily experiences are both entertaining and educational. All of these shows teach the value of having friends. Thus, if you have a best friend, you can share this free friendship bracelet with her.

Disney Junior Promo Gift - Free Friendship Bracelet

What Makes It The Perfect GWP?
  • Easily Wearable. This promo gift is made with nylon cord and beads. It is appropriate for children, because they will not need to ask an adult to put it on for them.
  • Identifiable. The pink beads are quite generic, but the pendants have the face of either Sofia, Doc, or Minnie Mouse. This is why the free bracelet is so identifiable.
  • Profit Riser. Since the consumers are parents who practically do not wish to upset their babies, they will want to spend up to the required amount, so as to avail the gift with purchase. In case the child requests for another bracelet for her friend(s), they may buy more from Disney and raise its monthly earning.

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