Thursday 29 September 2016

Promotional Towel Wrap by Jergens

When you go to beaches, public pools, or spa centers, you will witness something that you may have not imagined ever – the evolution of towels. While the regular ones are rectangular in shape and only differ from the prints and the amount of threads stitched into them, the new towels can basically be worn like a midi dress with a tube top or skirt because of their Velcro enclosure that will not loosen even if you run or jump. Perchance this is new to your ears, you can get a feel of it when you avail this marketing product of Jergens.

Promotional Towel Wrap by Jergens

How Will The Freebie Be Advantageous for Consumers?
  1. Continued Drying. The promo gift, regardless of its structure, is still a towel of fine quality. Thus, you may continue to dry your entire body off with it.
  2. Extra Security. As mentioned earlier, the brand has made great use of Velcro to strengthen the clasp of the promotional towel wrap. It is on the top layer of the item, along with the garter, that’s why it can fit any figure.
  3. More Movability. If consumers have to mind their actions when covering themselves up with normal towels, the ones who own the gift with purchase can move freely. This is an outstanding representative of advertising ideas that can definitely help you promote the brand.

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