Monday 19 September 2016

Special Garment Bag from Hanky Panky

As we live in a free world, we can say with all honesty that undergarments are articles of clothing that can be more costly than a pair of jeans. Hence, you will not be doing yourself any good if you wash it in a rather destructive way. If you cannot hand-wash your underwear, you can put them in the special garment bag from Hanky Panky before dumping it in the washing machine.

Special Garment Bag from Hanky Panky

Benefits That Hanky Panky Will Get
  • Market the Brand Effortlessly. Generating a gift with purchase is more consumer-friendly than sending out flyers that people will have no use for. It is a human right to have clean undergarments, that’s why the bag can help in safely washing them.
  • Increase Product Awareness. Hanky Panky has a lot of merchandise that they can introduce to customers through a high-quality promo gift like this. You may imagine it as an interest catcher.
  • Raise Brand Significance. Lace works well in letting water touch the underwear, all the while protecting them from getting stretched by every washing cycle. Thus, the free garment bag is ideal in making the brand extra significant to their target audience.

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