Tuesday 25 October 2016

Customized Roll-Up Case from Tweezerman

Girls and guys alike are a little sensitive when it comes to promotional products that they believe they can or cannot use. When the latter sees a shirt that has flowers, they back away with the thought that it is too feminine. When the former notices a snapback that does not have even a tinge of pink or any pastel color, it is viewed as too masculine. One of the brands that has provided a wise resolution to this issue is Tweezerman, as the roll-up case they have created as a GWP can be for both genders.

Customized Roll-Up Case from Tweezerman

What makes the item a worth-it promo gift?
  • Basic-Colored. Red, white and blue are choices that consumers have, and all of them can be utilized by either sex at any time of the day. The lack of other designs can help them value it as a gender-neutral gift with purchase.
  • Space-Saver. Regardless if you are going somewhere or simply staying at home, you need the customized roll-up case save more space. This is necessary, specifically if you plan to buy extra things to put in your luggage or house.
  • Can Be Branded. The coolest thing about marketing ideas like this is that they can be branded in any manner that you please. Only, the logo will be the ultimate design that will greet the customers, so it has to be positioned where they can check it out immediately.

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