Monday 28 November 2016

Lewis & Pearl’s Promo Gift Ponytail

These days, the ladies are becoming more adventurous in terms of their hairstyle. Whereas some chop off their locks so short that they already look semi-bald, others prefer sections of hair in diversified lengths. Nevertheless, these are phases that girls go through to realize which style truly suits their way of living, and anytime they can grow it all out. Once that moment comes, the free ponytail from Lewis& Pearl should be handy.

Lewis & Pearl’s Promo Gift Ponytail

Perks from the GWP for the Brand
  • Ease of Creation. When you take the on-pack promotion apart, it will be noticeable that the accessory is only made of a single material with both ends tied together. Therefore, making batches of it cannot be that difficult.
  • Cost Effectivity. You only need to hire a small group of laborers to create the gift with purchase. The stretchy material can probably bought wholesale as well to reduce costs.
  • More Profits. The manufacturer does not have to spend thousands of dollars to produce the promo gift. This assures the brand that they can gain higher profits from it.

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