Thursday 3 November 2016

Marketing Idea by Julep – Branded Mirror

The use of Twitter hashtags has increased immensely since the social media channel’s conception a few years back. Among all the tags ever thought of, one of the most popular is the #nofilter which indicates that a person has posted a photo of him- or herself without makeup or utilizing any beautification apps that are accessible through various mobile devices. But a little friendly advice, before taking a selfie with bare face, check your appearance on a mirror first to ensure the image will garner awesome comments. It will be practical to bring the Julep GWP everywhere too.

Manufacturer Advantages for Creating The Freebie
  • Personalized Merchandise. The cover of the branded mirror is decidedly gorgeous. The colors are not too loud, and the stars and other designs look perfectly matched.
  • Convenient Branding Space. The manufacturer could have excluded the illustration and simply added the brand name smack right in the middle. However, they have situated it near the opening of the gift with purchase, since that’s where users usually pay more attention to. Smart folks, aren't they?
  • More Customers Reachable. Men and women alike share mirrors with one another often. Thus, the promo gift can help the company reach a higher number of customers due to this.

Simple marketing ideas are typically the way to go when you promote a business. Learn more from the Marketing Gifts blog.

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