Friday 8 September 2017

3 Things to Know About Koko Krunch's Free Photo Clip

Almost every social media user cannot survive a day without taking pictures. You see a well-plated dish? Click. You're bored while waiting for lunch at the office? Click. The subjects can be as random as anything under the sun, really. What attracts the most number of groufies, though, is the time you spend with family. If you don't want to miss them so much, it may be better to print the best or the wackiest snap. Then, attach it to the free photo clip that NestlĂ© adds in special boxes of Koko Krunch cereals.
3 Things to Know About Koko Krunch's Free Photo Clip

What must you know about the free photo clip?

  • It strengthens memory. The yellow characters attached to the gift with purchase come from the Despicable Me franchise. Similar to how Gru remembers each of his minions, you won't forget your family when you look at their picture.
  • It decreases your longing. This movie merchandise may be useful for people whose loved ones live abroad for different causes. You place the free photo clip on your desk, and it's as if they're just near you. Hence, the sadness you may feel will lessen.
  • It livens up images. Do you notice how the minions are posing? Once you hook a picture to the promotional gift, they look like they're part of the group selfie. You can then share a snap of the new photo and have something cute to talk about.
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