Friday 22 December 2017

The Benefit Cosmetics' Promotional Christmas Stocking

How long ago since you last hung a stocking near the window for Father Christmas to fill with goodies? It's hard to guess, because there are adults who made it a part of their holiday traditions. Others, however, have never felt the need to do so. Should you want to try it now, you have a few days more to get the Benefit Cosmetics' promotional Christmas stocking.
The Benefit Cosmetics' Promotional Christmas Stocking

Cool Points of the Promotional Christmas Stocking

  • Upfront. The details on the special offer boldly indicate that it's for girls but not for young girls. Instead of candy canes and trees, the freebie has lanterns strung together. 
  • Consistent. Everyone knows the brand for adding meaningful statements even on advertising products. This promotional Christmas stocking has one too, thus proving how steady they are in terms of branding.
  • Seasonal. The Benefit Cosmetics will only release such a gift with purchase for the yuletide season. There may be a whole new giveaway next Christmas, though, anyone who's into collectible promos should avail it soon.
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