Branded Mobile Phone Holder from Coca-Cola

Holiday feasts take extra fabulous when you have a cold glass of soda next to you. Many can attest to that since, around such occasions, beverage manufacturers go all-out with their infomercials and promotional gifts. At the frontier of those brands, of course, is Coca-Cola, a global merchandising company. They even have a branded mobile phone holder prepared for the yuletide season.

Branded Mobile Phone Holder from Coca-Cola

Explosive Perks from a Branded Mobile Phone Holder

  • Water-resistant. A smartphone can be destroyed by any liquid seeping into its hardware. This gift with purchase can ensure you'll need not to worry about that, however, as neoprene is waterproof.
  • Fairly sized. The product brainstorming team of Coca-Cola did an awesome work at making this advertising merchandise. In fact, it's big enough to hold a device that's approximately four inches wide. The material stretches a bit too.
  • Recognizable. Coca-Cola is such a widely known brand that fizzy drinkers want their special offer giveaways. In case your colleagues see your free phone case with its logo on it, that can spark a conversation between you two.
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