Friday 5 January 2018

Free Charm by Miu Miu - A Collectible Promo

By any chance, are you into collectible promos?
A lot of similar products have been released for as long as we can remember. While there are movie merchandises, there are also some that originate from household brands even your family members love. And if you are a follower of fashion trends, you may appreciate the free charm created by Miu Miu as well.

Free Charm by Miu Miu - A Collectible Promo

Bonuses From The Free Charm

  • Notable. Miu Miu has a perfume in the market that has a bottle that looks like this special offer. You can hardly miss the logo etched on the ceramic too.
  • Inexpensive. The brand turn the charm into a gift with purchase, so it's truly affordable for the consumers. In a producer's perspective, it won't challenge the marketing budget as well since manufacturing ceramic promotional products isn't complicated.
  • Sensible. In case you want to keep the free charm along with your other collections, that's OK. Otherwise, just loop it through your bag's zipper.
What did you think of Miu Miu's marketing idea? For more tips on how to promote your business, check out the Marketing Gifts blog.

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