Friday 19 January 2018

Promotional Mug - Custom Giveaway from Nestlé Milo

There's nothing a doting parent can ask for other than to see their child earn success and surpass even their achievements. Brand owners, in all honesty, see their unique promotional products in the same light; thus, they put a lot of work into creating custom giveaways that the target audience can appreciate. See the promotional mug from Nestlé Milo to understand what we're saying.

Promotional Mug - Custom Giveaway from Nestlé Milo

What allows the promotional mug to stick out?

  • Wise Packaging. The company used earthy colors, which nicely attract attention. The brand packaging design is also smart since they only cut an L shape in front of the box.
  • Cool Product. The print on the in-pack promotion isn't childish at all; that's why even adults can avail the item. It can effortlessly become a collectible promo that you'll be thankful to have later.
  • Clever Branding. Manufacturing ceramic mugs can be done by anyone. What makes this gift with purchase stand out, however, is how they described it as a mug for the champs. Of course, the kids like to be #1, so that can mean more sales for the brand.
In case this free mug from Nestlé Milo inspired you to try other ways to market a brand, look for more advertising ideas at the Marketing Gifts blog. Cheers!

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