Monday 11 February 2019

Last Minute Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

It's almost heart's day and yet, you still have no idea what you are giving out as your Valentine's day corporate gift. Luckily, our product designer team came up with a sizable list for your last minute, traumatic, and stressful promo gift shopping.

Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Let's start with the most extraordinary item on our list, promotional pens. Yes, they may look like a Valentine prank but if worse comes to worst, this might be your lifesaver. Cork openers are highly customizable. In fact, big and successful brands use these marketing gifts because they find it highly efficient in their promotional campaigns.

Valentine Design Tip: Instead of using traditional-looking corks, go for something bold and loud. Add Valentine colours; shape it like hearts and bears. Well, you can always consult our team for suggestions.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

The second item on our list is a credit card bottle opener. Yes, we specifically recommend this because it looks unique and is pretty portable. Anyone could easily slip this card into their wallets or purses. Aside from its portability, we also love the branding space on these cards. It's perfect for your logos and brand. Therefore, brand promotion is highly increased.

Valentine Design Tip: Be extra meticulous with the paint used on the card. Ensure that it doesn't easily chip off. Also, don't forget to spice up the design with some hearts.

If you want to check out other bottle opener designs, check out this link: 3-in-1 Promotional Bottle Opener – An Exceptional Giveaway Idea

Last Minute Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Lastly, brands could have stress balls as corporate gift items. These squishy balls definitely help in alleviating stress. Therefore, these marketing giveaways become an essential part of your employees' lives. Also, if you want to make these stress balls a little bit special, you can turn them into colour changing balls. Check out this link: Promo Gift Idea: Colour Changing Stress Balls

Valentine Design Tip: If you are not into these colour changing balls, you can easily customise your design into something that relates to Valentine's day. This could be a heart, flower, bear, etc. 

If you're still not convinced on our list above, feel free to talk to our team for other suggestions. They're always ready to entertain your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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