Wednesday 6 March 2019

3 Factors Why Bench Custom Atomizer Makes A Good Marketing Gift

Everyone loves to smell and look good at all times. However, it is impossible for everyone to carry those big bottles of cologne or perfume. Luckily, Bench knows the struggle and quickly offered a custom atomizer as an on-pack gift.

3 Factors Why Bench Custom Atomizer Makes A Good Marketing Gift

What Is A Custom Atomizer?

Atomizers are tools specifically designed to help transform the liquid cologne into a fine mist. The main reason why you may need a custom atomizer is rather simple; it allows you to wear that perfume without having to spray a large stream of liquid on your body. Instead, the atomizers tend to eject just a fine spray, and that’s it.

Why Do We Love This Custom Atomizer?

  • Practicality - A custom atomizer is something very useful and is a good marketing strategy. Because it is always better offering a product that customers can use daily than promo gifts that do not add much value. Furthermore, functionality raises the products’ relevance.
  • Customer Retention - Obviously, brands want to offer wonderful deals to their target market. That’s why it is important for a company to offer something that is more than its competitors. Also, consumers will be glad to receive this atomiser because its functionality complements the brand's products. Also, buying a separate atomiser adds up to their daily expense.
  • Product Exclusivity – Often times, a lot of big brands maintain their status purely because they offer a quality branded giveaway that other brands do not have. This strategy makes your brand stand out from the rest.
Another notable advantage of this marketing gift is good custom retail packaging. The colour goes really well with the products and branding. Clearly, Bench does know how to play the marketing game. 

If you want to create your own set of promotional giveaways, please feel free to contact our team for more details.

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