Wednesday 6 March 2019

5 Amazing Nestle Promotional Gifts That Made An Impact

Nestle was founded around 1966; a year before dynamite was created which means the giant brand has been around for quite a while. Therefore, it is safe to say that they have been through a lot of marketing and promotional styles. Possibly, they've tried every known marketing gimmick in the books. As a result, our team has decided to create the top 5 Nestle Promotional Gifts that made an impact.

Nestle Promotional Gifts

Promotional Mugs

5 Amazing Nestle Promotional Gifts That Made An Impact

Manufacturing ceramic mugs are easy for industries that create promotional products. As a result, Nestle, along with other major brands, see promotional branded mugs as one of the best marketing gifts that a brand could have.

Check out this neat mug promotion from the brand itself, Nestle.

Board Games

5 Amazing Nestle Promotional Gifts That Made An Impact

Yes, Nestle loves to target kids for their awesome promotions. Hence, they've created several board games that ignite kids excitement hence parents end up buying the products for their children. It's pretty interesting how Nestle keeps sneaking great board games into their products. If you want to see one, check out this board game free for every purchase of Nestle's Chocapic/KoKo Crunch.

Ice Shakers

5 Amazing Nestle Promotional Gifts That Made An Impact

The has a lot of beverage products under its wing. Therefore, it's not a shock that they offer ice shakers as a promotional giveaway. The free product directly correlates to the product itself. The ice shaker creates iced concoctions using Nestle's cocoa and milk products. Also, regular - looking ice shakers are not costly to produce hence brands save a lot from their marketing budget.

Here's a great campaign from Nestle using ice shakers.

Bicycle/ Scooters/ Gliders

5 Amazing Nestle Promotional Gifts That Made An Impact

As mentioned, Nestle prioritises kids in most of their marketing campaigns. They know that if they get the sympathy and loyalty of kids, they automatically sign up their parents as their loyal customers. So, Nestle, from time to time, feels extra generous hence they give out bicycles, gliders, and scooters as a gift with purchase. And to prove this, check out this amazing glider that was once a giveaway from Nestle.

Plush Toys

5 Amazing Nestle Promotional Gifts That Made An Impact

Lastly, Nestle likes to giveaway promo plush toys. Promotional plush toys are easily one of the most popular promo items, and what’s not to love about them? They are cute, soft and can be custom made to represent anything from a company mascot to an original custom designed idea.

Have a look at this great plush toy from the movie, Cars in partnership with Nestle.

If you want to create your own set of promotional items, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Our team is always ready to answer all your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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