Sunday 31 March 2019

Promotional Gift Idea: Marketing Benefits Of A Custom Glass Straw

The scale of plastic pollution in the oceans is truly alarming. Tons of plastic enter the ocean every day which terrorizes our marine resources. Clearly, we need to do our part in battling this catastrophic condition that is currently plaguing Earth, our only home. As marketers, we found an eco-friendly marketing giveaway that could help boost your brand promotion. Instead of using traditional single-use plastic straws, our team is offering a custom glass straw for your marketing needs. 

Promotional Gift Idea Marketing Benefits Of A Custom Glass Straw

What Is A Custom Glass Straw?

A custom glass straw is an eco-friendly alternative to the single-use plastic straw that is widely used in several food places, bars, restaurants, etc. And we all know how single-use plastic badly affects our environment. And that is why we think that this custom glass straw is a great marketing item because it is made of reusable, non-toxic, food-grade glass hence we are sure that it is safe for repetitive use.

Marketing Benefits Of A Custom Glass Straw

  • Brand Promotion - Single-use plastic straws, cups, cutlery are one of the major contributors to water and land pollution. The use of eco-friendly promo gifts, such as this custom glass straw is a simple step towards reducing the amount of garbage that goes to landfills. Also, this glass straw is great for any hot or cold beverage and is easy to clean. So, we are pretty confident that people would use this marketing item every day.
  • Customisable - These glass straws are customisable. We can emboss your logos or brand names on the side of the straw for brand recognition. We can also customise the size, colour, thickness, etc of the glass straw. Overall, it really depends on your marketing needs and marketing budget.
  • Upholds Brand Image - It is easy to make your company known but it's not easy to leave a good impression on your customers. Brands need to attain respect and high regards from their customers to fully say that they are successful. Because the kind of marketing and corporate gifts that your brand use directly affects customers' views towards your brand. So, it is paramount to use eco-friendly promotional items for your marketing.
In conclusion, eco-friendly promotions greatly help your brand as a whole. Utilising eco-friendly items leave a good impression to customers. As a result, your brand attracts new customers and strengthens the relationship of your current ones.

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