Wednesday 3 April 2019

Brand Promotion: Top 3 Marketing Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother's day is a yearly event that is celebrated worldwide. So, it is just proper that brands should be part of this much celebrated day and promote their products. But, if you have zero ideas on what's the best marketing gifts for mother's day, well, you are one lucky being because our talented team of product designers compile a great list for you.

Marketing Gifts For Mother's Day

Toiletry Bags or Travel Kits

Brand Promotion: Top 3 Marketing Gifts For Mother's Day

Whilst most brands use these as their promo gifts, it is still safe to say that custom toiletry bags are a good marketing giveaway for mother's day. These toiletry bags or travel kits help organise the stuff inside the bag, therefore, it becomes an essential part of a woman's bag; no one leaves their houses without this. Also, All these items can be branded and imprinted with your logo. This bag creates an added convenience in your client’s life which is key to a successful promotional product.

Brands that use toiletry bags/ travel kits in their promotions:

Power Banks

Brand Promotion: Top 3 Marketing Gifts For Mother's Day

Unlike before wherein moms stay at home to physically take care of the family, modern moms are so much more than that. A lot of mothers are doing great in their careers whilst nailing the mom duties. So, moms deserve to receive something that will aid them in juggling both their professional and personal responsibilities. Therefore, we've included custom power banks as a perfect marketing gift for mother's day. 

Brands that use power banks in their promotions:

Jewelry Container/Pouch

Brand Promotion: Top 3 Marketing Gifts For Mother's Day

Jewelry containers are immensely practical in all aspects. Moms, women in general, need something to store their precious gems so we are pretty sure that this product will be used. Also, this is regarded as a high-value gift, therefore, this strengthens your relationship with the customers. Because when customers receive a premium gift, naturally, they'll be happy and be grateful to the brand. Also, this could increase their loyalty toward your brand.

Brands that use Jewelry Container/Pouch in their promotions:

If you would like to create your own set of marketing gifts for mother's day, feel free to contact us anytime.

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