Saturday 6 April 2019

Top 3 Custom Mobile Phone Accessories For Your Next Campaign

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our modern lives. In fact, almost everyone owns a mobile phone. As brand marketers, we need to create promotions that involve custom mobile phone accessories. We have listed the top 3 mobile phone accessories for your marketing needs.

Mobile Phone Pouch

Top 3 Custom Mobile Phone Accessories For Your Next Campaign

First on our list is the phone pouch. Yes, we may have great phone cases but nothing beats the protection provided by these phone pouches. They're like the soft and handy protective membrane needed by our delicate smartphones. Pouches may vary according to your marketing needs and marketing budget so definitely, there is always something for your brand. Simply print your logos and brand names on the pouch for effective brand marketing.

If you would like to know more about these phone pouches, feel free to check the link: Marketing Idea: Mobile Phone Pouch

Here's a known brand that uses mobile phone pouch for their marketing campaign

Phone Grips

Top 3 Custom Mobile Phone Accessories For Your Next Campaign

Phone grips are probably one of the brightest innovations in the smartphone industry. These trusty phone grips prevent your phone from slipping from your hand which is the number one cause for smartphone damages. Also, these items are small, compact and easy to produce. In the marketing side, phone grips can be completely customised by picking any colour, material, and texture. In fact, you can create custom phone grips targeted to your marketing group.

Want to know more about phone grips? check out this link: Why You Need Custom Phone Grips For Your Brand

Phone Cases

Top 3 Custom Mobile Phone Accessories For Your Next Campaign

Last but not least, we have the custom phone cases. Phone cases are also extremely important in protecting our expensive smartphones. There are several designs and sizes available for the phone cases; it depends on your needs and phone model. Also, this product is easy to customise. Brands could use their logos and turn them into phone cases. Colours and size may also be personalised to suit the brand’s theme. Overall, these phone cases greatly help the brand’s marketing efforts. 

If you would like to know more about phone cases, please feel free to read more on this link: Strengthen your Marketing with these Custom Silicone Phone Cases

Brands that use phone cases for marketing:

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