Sunday 30 June 2019

Marketing Gift Ideas: Different USB Designs

With technology on the rise, brands need to constantly find new and innovative ways to connect with their customers. A USB is a common promo gift that is used by a lot of brands (tech or not). So, we've listed a few great USB designs that are unique and quirky.

Marketing Gift Ideas: Different USB Designs

As mentioned, USBs are nothing new in the promotional industry. Hence, our dedicated product designers brought their A-game and created a custom bottle opener that doubles as a flash drive. By promoting a special design of bottle opener USB flash drive, your brand will have a better marketing advantage over the others. Customers love unique and creative products. A promotional product with a unique design helps to build the brand image and advertise through word-of-mouth.

Marketing Gift Ideas: Different USB Designs

We can safely assume that a USB drive will be useful to most people. Also, they are extremely easy to customize and cheap to produce, making them suitable for any company‘s needs. Because it's easy to customise, it's easy to brand these USBs. Brands can not only imprint logos on the USB, but also make 3D models of it! This is a fun way of attracting the client while promoting brand visibility.

Marketing Gift Ideas: Different USB Designs

This 2-in-1 notebook is a great promotional product. It's a powerbank and USB rolled into one handy notebook.

There are enough leaves (bound by metal rings) inside to last for at least a year. The individuals who will get a chance to receive it will, therefore, be able to keep their notes in a single notebook. The next feature is the power bank that has been embedded at the back of the promo gift. Because of its smart housing, the papers can lay flat on the surface. The three different cables that go with it do not get in the way either as they have special slots close to the power button. The USB plays a unique role in the promotional product since it serves as the door to open the journal. In a sense, it secures all the important files that may be written in it while staying as a storing device.

The notebook cover promises a big area for branding. You can put different illustrations on it or have the logo printed, embroidered, embossed, etc. Simply picture out the design that can attract your clients the best.

Marketing Gift Ideas: Different USB Designs

USB sticks might not be that special, but that’s no reason to use boring Custom USB sticks! This high-end design has a leather strap and a magnet attached to it. There is an opening on the other side, so it can be worn on a chain or cord. Imagine matching this to that three-piece suit, to add that little finishing touch to your outfit and the message you’re sending across. Functionality and style in one. A brand name or logo can be put on the leather strap, or etched into the metal.

Looking to create your first USB giveaway? Give us a call and we'll help you with all the planning, designing, and manufacturing process to create your marketing gift.

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