Saturday 29 June 2019

5 Tech Giveaways For The Modern Consumer

Every day, a lot of innovations are being introduced to the world. As brand marketers, we need to keep up if we want to stay alive in this cut-throat industry. Hence, we need to capitalise on the latest trends to catch the attention of picky customers.

We have listed a few great tech giveaways that your customers will absolutely love.

5 Tech Giveaways For The Modern Consumer

Portable speakers have become the most popular way to play music aloud. Powerful and portable enough to be used in any situation, this custom mini speaker will keep your brand fresh in the minds of customers.

In our photo, the large area on the top of the product is an ideal spot to print your custom logo. We can customise the marble design to match your business’ colours or produce it in neutral shades to make the logo stand out. Also, This custom wireless speaker pairs instantly with any Bluetooth enabled device – no cords or software necessary.

5 Tech Giveaways For The Modern Consumer

Believe or not smartphones are affecting photography’s field as well. Indeed, we bet you are taking more photos with your phone rather than a proper camera. And surprisingly, photos taken with a phone can also be stunning.

As with any lens for compact cameras, the range of these tech promo products goes from cheap and basic lens to very bright and professional ones. They are substantially small-scale lens studied to fit a smartphone. You will find any kind and type of them, the most popular are: fisheye, macro, wide, polarizer and telephoto. They can be made for a particular brand or come with a “universal” clip.

These lenses are perfect for marketing campaigns, as gift with purchase or even giveaways. You can target two main groups: young people and photography lovers. The phone camera lens would be the perfect promo products to whom looks for a compromise with compact cameras. Same versatility with a bit lower quality, but not heavy and bulky and they are even cheaper. On the other hand young people that want to keep up with the latest and coolest trends.

5 Tech Giveaways For The Modern Consumer

Smart home needs smart lights. Your wifi-enabled light bulbs will make customers remember your brand for years to come. This is because your merchandise is something that can easily become part of their personal daily lives. 

This bulb is made from aluminium alloy and tough PC material that is heat-resistant. Thus, you can be sure that this tech product won’t pose any serious health and safety hazards.

5 Tech Giveaways For The Modern Consumer

Power banks are now becoming more of a “need” than a “want”. Everyone needs to have that extra juice for their gadgets so that they can keep up with the fast-paced world. As brand marketers, we see this as a great marketing opportunity because a good promotional gift is something that is useful for the customers.

As mentioned, you can brand your customizable power banks to help your marketing campaign. You can either emboss or deboss your logos, brand name, etc on the power bank to make it look like a legit credit card. Furthermore, you may choose to colour your power banks to make it more attractive. Create several colours and designs to start a collectible promo to drive customers to complete all designs.

If you would like to create your own set of promotional products, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always ready to answer all your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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