Sunday 23 June 2019

Marketing Gift: Game Giveaways That Would Entice Your Customers

Game giveaways are the hottest promotional items in various industry today. People enjoy receiving items that are useful and fun. So, brand marketers cracked the code to creating an enjoyable promo gift that everyone would love. We have listed a few great game giveaways that might be your next winning promotional idea.

Marketing Gift: Game Giveaways That Would Entice Your Customers

This desktop basketball game is ideal for sports promotions. When designing, product designers can use either sponsor’s logo or team logo to create buzz. You can give them away to fans as a limited edition sports merchandise. Running a limited edition promo creates an urgency that motivates customers to make a purchase.

Promotional mini basketball game works well as an on-pack gift with kiddie products such as juice, cereals, and apparel. Plus, it can be a simple way to encourage kids to peel their eyes away from their gadget, TV, and computer.

Marketing Gift: Game Giveaways That Would Entice Your Customers

It is a toy that friends or families with kids can take advantage of. The children can understand Bernoulli’s Principle – the law of pressure – from their parents. On the other hand, the millennials can compete among themselves on who can maintain the ball mid-air the longest.

What makes this floating ball game a fantastic promotional idea? because you can mark any of its parts with your logo and heighten brand exposure. Not to mention, it is easy to create and the materials are readily available in craft and hardware stores.

The consumer will enjoy an overall fun experience using this product which will make this display an efficient way for your company to raise brand awareness which can be translated into sales at a later stage.

The opportunity to place your logo on the front space of the display. This means it will be seen by everyone who would play with it. With a unique branded product like this one, your brand exposure will increase for sure.

Marketing Gift: Game Giveaways That Would Entice Your Customers

Customers will take your product off the shelf without even thinking twice upon seeing that they can take a mini darts game shot set as a promotional gift with purchase. Everyone will love your giveaway because it makes parties more fun. Giving this item as a gift with purchase could benefit your brand by increasing engagement which promotes brand awareness. Just ensure that your game is well-branded for maximum benefit.

If you would like to create your own set of game giveaways, feel free to contact us anytime. We will help you in brainstorming, designing, and manufacturing your promotional items.

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