Saturday 22 June 2019

Sustainable Marketing: Eco - Friendly Promotional Gifts For Your Brand

Sustainable marketing is one of the emerging promotional styles in the industry. Nowadays, customers consider the brand's position when it comes to saving the environment. Therefore, capitalising on this trend would benefit your brand positively.

Here are a few eco - friendly promotional gifts that might be perfect for your brand.

Sustainable Marketing: Eco - Friendly Promotional Gifts For Your Brand

Eco-friendly promotional products are trending nowadays and capitalizing on this trend can help your company grow in many ways. The use of green corporate gifts not only position your company as a company that values employee-employer relationships, but also one that helps in the preservation of the environment.

This custom solar umbrella has LED and allows customers to charge their phones. Being a 2-in-1 product, this will greatly help your promotional campaign in many ways. Ideal for venue marketing, bar promotions, and outdoor marketing this 2-in-1 promotional tool, will certainly add value to your brand. Customers will get to enjoy their food and drinks and make important calls and check their emails knowing they will not run out of battery life. Furthermore, LED light is installed in the canopy so there’s no need to install lights on each of the umbrellas

Sustainable Marketing: Eco - Friendly Promotional Gifts For Your Brand

The body is made from bamboo fibre, while the lid and sleeve are made from silicone. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, safe and reusable. Thus, this helps minimize the need to buy bottled water and drinks in plastic cups every time. You are able to help the environment whilst creating an impressive brand reputation.

Great for hot and cold drinks, your employees and clients will find this useful. Instead of using disposable coffee cups, they can use it to get refills for their juice or coffee. With the company logo and brand on it, you’ll definitely gain tremendous visibility beyond office walls.

Sustainable Marketing: Eco - Friendly Promotional Gifts For Your Brand

Instead of using custom plastic containers, a silicone food bag is a better option. This is because the material can withstand high and low temperatures. Moreover, it has good thermal stability so overall, the bag is more sustainable and long-lasting. Also, the bag flattens once closed, hence a great space saving idea.

Sustainable Marketing: Eco - Friendly Promotional Gifts For Your Brand

Made out of beechwood, which is a sustainable material, these wooden spoons are a fantastic alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. Aside from beechwood, you can also explore other wood materials such as bamboo, which is abundant in Asia. This means better exposure as eco-friendly products can greatly boost your brand image.

When used as a promotional product, it targets homemakers, parents, foodies, and professional chefs. As retail merchandise, they would make great gift ideas for special occasions, so there is a demand for such an item.

If any of the items interest you, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to answer all your queries and concerns. 

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