Tuesday 11 June 2019

Unique Promo Product Ideas for your Next Marketing Campaign!

With all the markets and industries becoming more competitive, it is important for brands to create unique promotional products. This allows them to stand out and gain competitive advantage against rivals. Here are some promotional products that stood out to use and we enjoyed.

Promotional Kitchenware - Olive Oil Industry
One industry that is rarely talked about is the Olive Oil industry. There are great promotional products that you can offer your customers to gain their attention. Useful items such as those for the kitechen will be able to represent a prolonged marketing campaign for your business. This is because these kitchenware will appear on your customs' table daily, reminding them of your brand.

Unique Custom Water Bottles 
There are endless options when it comes to promotional products. In this blog, we will focus on the top 5 promotional products for the water industry that will create interest. The promotional products for the water industry can include foldable water bottles and drink coolers. Interesting designed water bottles will be able to successfully capture the attention of customers, while encouraging them to increase their water intake!

Promotional Products for School
Schools tend to give away promotional products to attract students. They are usually given away furing open houses, talks and parents meeting. Here are the top 10 most interesting promotional products that we collated to inspire you for your next promotional campaign. We also made sure to include the benefits of using these promotional items. Be sure to check it out!

Glow-in-the-dark Promo Items
Creating glow-in-the-dark promotional products are gradually becoming more popular. This is because they have proven to attract the attention of customers and successfully raising brand awareness. You can easily spice up any ordinary promotional items, and you will be surprised by how much it can benefit your brand.

Sports Water Bottle
Looking for new sports promo product ideas? Offering promotional products during sports events are a great opportunity for your company to enjoy immense brand exposure. Check out this new soccer water bottle that we thought was very interesting. Why would this product get sports fans excited?

Promotional Wooden Kitchen Tools 
A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, where we can cook and enjoy our own food. But we also use this space to entertain out family and friends. Therefore, many of us try to make our kitchen very presentatable. No kitchen is complete without some great kitchen gears. Have a look at these unique custom wooden kitchen tools that will certainly gain attention.

Tech Promotional Products
By following the latest trends, we would like to share with you one of the tech promo products that photography lovers and social lovers will appreciate the most. We are talking about smartphone camera lens. We concluded that people prefer bringing around their cell phone instead of a whole set of camera and lens. With that in mind, why not invest in this small tech promo product?

3D printed promotional products
3D printing is gaining popularity in the promotional products industry. This technology allows companies to create prototypes of object and personalised promotional products or modify their designs at a fast and cost-efficient manner. You can have 3D printed promotional productsin a matter of hours, allowing you to maximise your time and marketing budget.

Promotional Fan-Umbrella 
Bored of the traditional branded products? Want something fresh for your new marketing campaign? Check out this creative promotional fam umbrella, a unique idea that we love from the recent Canton Fair. This will wow your audience and raise brand recognition.

Custom Cork Products 
The use of cork in manufacturing various household and personal products is gaining momentum these past few years. With the current problems in the leather industry and its environmental impact, manudacturers see cork as a wonderful alternative. This is why we believe the need for custom cork products will increase in the years to come.

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