Saturday 15 June 2019

4 Unique Bar Marketing Gifts To Boost Your Sales

Everyone loves to have a good time. So, a bar business would seem like to be an instant hit to party goers. But, the bar market is extremely saturated that you need to stand out from your competition. So, our reliable product designers have listed the top 5 unique bar marketing gifts to boost your sales.

4 Unique Bar Marketing Gifts To Boost Your Sales

Let's start the list with a funky promo gift such as these special LED projector glasses. It projects the logo of your brand which attracts attention. Therefore, this could significantly increase brand visibility and potentially increase sales.

4 Unique Bar Marketing Gifts To Boost Your Sales

This 3D puzzle is a fun way to engage and start a conversation in the bar. In fact, customers may compete on who's the fastest to complete the puzzle. When completed, the puzzle’s image may form the company’s logo, product or details. This provides free advertisement in the long run. In addition, brands may customise it to have an attached keyring so users may easily carry it anywhere. 

4 Unique Bar Marketing Gifts To Boost Your Sales

If you have yet to invest in a promotional beer holder, you should definitely do so now! Not only is it a handy tool to have around, but it also presents unlimited branding opportunities – great for marketing drinks during events

This promotional beer holder works well with a promo beer glass or beer can. You can easily place the products in the holder when serving customers their drinks. Doing so enhances employees’ efficiency as this allows them to carry 6 cans or glasses of drinks at a time. This is a more effective and efficient way of serving drinks than using a tray because it lends stability

4 Unique Bar Marketing Gifts To Boost Your Sales

When you go to a bar, have you ever wondered how the bartender stylishly prepare your drinks with such immaculate accuracy? They actually do this using custom jiggers, which is a bartender’s measuring device. Now, you can bring the bar to the comforts of your home when brands give out these awesome custom jiggers.

As for the branding, these promotional custom jiggers have a decent space on the side that is great for printing. Therefore, you will be able to efficiently brand your company on the jiggers. This would help increase brand awareness everytime your customers use it.

So, if you would like to start your own bar marketing gifts or would like to know more about these incredible bar items, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Our team will always assist you with your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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