Sunday 21 July 2019

Silicone Marketing Gifts That Will Stretch Your Marketing Budget

Silicones have become enormously popular in recent years and are constantly marketed as safe replacements for traditional plastics. Unlike traditional plastic, silicones could withstand strong temperatures so we consider them as relatively safe. Also, silicone is not as costly as it may seem. Our product designers may help you create your silicone marketing gifts. But before that, we have listed 4 silicone items that you might consider for your next marketing campaign.

There are a lot of brands that are removing plastic straws from their businesses. With this movement, consumers have to find alternatives. Hence, other than custom paper straws, it is the perfect timing for brands to jump onto this bandwagon and give eco-friendly corporate gifts such as the silicone straws. This silicone straw also sports a carrying case and cleaning brush to better protect your item.

This is quite unique. We have heard of other silicone items but not this silicone food bag. Silicone food bags aim to replace traditional single-use plastic that we use for storage, especially in developing countries. The bag has a wide area for branding which makes a viable option to promote the brand without harming the environment. And since this is an uncommon promo gift, this would definitely outshine the competitor leaving all attention to your brand. 

As you can see, these silicone phone cases come in different colours and designs. Obviously, it’s customisable to fit any phone. Also, brands could make use of the silicone phone cases’ customisability by incorporating their own theme to these cases. This could bring out superb promotional products that could benefit the brand. Furthermore, these cases could be used as a gift with purchase, promo gift, or in a wide variety of marketing campaigns.

These custom silicone travel bottles are very trendy and customers will enjoy this colourful range. Also because they are made with silicone, customers will enjoy the flexible aspects of the bottles as they are easy to travel with. Furthermore, the travel bottles are interesting because it is easily customisable, so you can choose the colour of your choice which represents the spirit of your company. Your brand name will be visible thanks to the large space of the bottles, thus the client will benefit from brand visibility.

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