Sunday 28 July 2019

What Marketing Gifts Has Nestle Used For Its Promotions?

Nestle is a brand known worldwide. They have a lot of products under their wing hence, they need to promote their products as efficiently as possible. And aside from print and TV, this big brand is a fan of giving away promotional products to its customers. 

We have listed 4 promo gifts that Nestle has been using for the past years.

Free gift promotion is also effective, as the gift that is included can be made to be practical to the customer. In this case, the promotional gift mug would be valuable to the customer, as they can use the mug for any warm drink at home and office. he free gift promotion would make it look as if they are getting more from the company, because of the gift with purchase along with the product. The mug, which serves as a promotional gift offer, would help to promote brand loyalty.

First of all, action figures have the ability to attract kids. This is especially true when the figurines happen to be their favourite superheroes. As such, ridding on children’s pestering power Nestle is able to entice parents to purchase their breakfast cereal products. And this is the key reason why Nestle is focusing their promotions on children marketing. Parents today are more than willing to agree to their children’s requests. So with this strategy in mind, Nestle is trying to provoke children’s interest and curiosity in their breakfast cereal products.

In order to fully utilize this gift with purchase, the action figures could have been printed with NestlĂ©’s brand name or logo. This allows it to act as a constant reminder that boost brand recall and brand recognition. Thus whenever kids play with the action figures, they will sub-consciously remember Nestle as a cereal brand. 

This gift is not only durable but certainly appealing to customers of all ages. An incentive promo gift where the older generation could use it for grocery shopping as well.  It is branded with Milo’s logo giving the brand great visibility. In addition, this tote bag can be folded into a small pouch as shown, making it a very handy  & portable corporate gift.

Personalized water jugs are a great way to advertise your brand for all types of outdoor or indoor events. These are great for concerts, sporting events, and picnics. Also, these could be a great gift with purchase for kids to use in schools. In our photo, we see a water jug from Nestle which was marketing gift for an event. Certainly, giving away this kind of item is a good move for the brand because kids are using this as their dedicated water container in school. And since the Nestle logo is conspicuously etched on the jug, this container serves as a long term advertising tool for the brand.

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