Brands That Run A Promotional Luggage Giveaway

Luggage giveaway has been a norm in the marketing industry. A lot of brands utilise this premium gift item to entice their customer to use their products and services. So, we've listed a few successful luggage giveaway promotions from several brands.

Brands That Run A Promotional Luggage Giveaway

Jack Daniels is one of the biggest brands in the alcohol industry. But even with their current status, the known whiskey brand still taps to the reliable promotional industry. In fact, they always run a luggage giveaway for their customers. Usually, the brand promotes at airports to fully maximise the promo gift's potential. 

To promote your products at an Airport with promotional travel bag is probably the best way to catch potential costumers, who have enough time by waiting for boarding the plain.

This nice looking promotional luggage bags matches perfectly with the modern and exclusive way the brand wants to present herself for their 150th anniversary. This branded black travel bag has nice handles and looks very modern with its modest design of two black stripes. It can be closed by a black zipper, while it also gives a lot of space for a big branding of your logo or campaign motto

Brands That Run A Promotional Luggage Giveaway

Luggages are attractive giveaways as it is practical and great for travelling purposes. With this 19” spinner luggage, one would not have to worry about getting a new suitcase to travel for a few days. A 19” luggage is the perfect size for 4 days 3 nights trip. It is available in 2 colours, red and grey and it is extremely durable due to the hardcover material used to make the luggage.

Giordano has branded their company name on the luggage to increase brand awareness and aid in brand recall. Whenever consumers use the luggage, they would be reminded of Giordano and this would invite them to make repeated purchases. While carrying the luggage around, other travelers may chance upon it and gain interest in Giordano as well. With a sales increase for Giordano, there would be a profit increase as well.

Brands That Run A Promotional Luggage Giveaway

The famous French liquor house once gave an option to either obtain a 10% discount on their selected products or free luggage, upon purchasing 2 bottles, or more, of their spirits. This hard case luggage is a great gift with purchase product at duty-free stores as it would entice travelers to purchase Camus’ products.

Camus has done a good job branding their logo on the product as this encourages brand recall and recognition while on the move.

Brands That Run A Promotional Luggage Giveaway

Columbia's promotion is quite simple and straight forward. The outdoor apparel brand offers an exclusive gift with purchase promotion. Simply spend a minimum of HKD 3,000 in their store to receive a Columbia Travel Luggage. This promotional gift is roomy, lightweight, and comes with 2 compartments. Dull it may be, but black can be mysterious and sophisticated too.

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