Saturday 31 August 2019

Interesting Promotional Products In The Drinks Industry

It's not a secret that the competition within the drinks industry is getting tougher every day. Good thing our product designers listed a few interesting promotional products that your brand may use for your next promotional campaign.

This promo bottle opener from Red Horse resembles a miniature Red Horse beer. It’s quirky design easily catches the attention of customers and may even start conversations at a party. Complete with a label, this could help extend their visibility beyond retail stores. It’s small and easy to carry around, which makes it an ideal giveaway beer merchandise. This product presents numerous advertising benefits for beer and alcoholic drinks companies. Here are some of them: We commend the product designers behind Red Horse for their creative branding design. With just one look, one would easily recognize that the promotional giveaway product is from Red Horse Beer. Therefore, this ensures that your brand will be noticed right away.

A jigger is highly-customisable. You may have it in different sizes and colours. Brands could even emboss a logo on the side to have an elegant marketing gift. Since this is a pretty versatile item in the household, it’s just proper to create a decent branding design on the jigger. It should be visible enough but not too much that it would impede functionality.

The bizarre – in a good way – look of the custom bag definitely catches the attention of customers. People will be interested and this would create an interesting discussion among existing customers and potential buyers. Therefore, if you use this bag as a promo giveaway, you can expect to gain more attention as compared to when using traditional promotional items. These bags are trendy enough to launch a new fad between fashion icons and designers. And once your item hits the fashion train, there’s no way of stopping but just enjoy the attention your brand receives.

Lastly, customized bottle stoppers are an excellent way to improve your brand performance. They are practical and improve the appearance of your product. Wine plugs are designed to prevent leaks and also to save partially consumed bottles. Thus preserving the wine’s taste, flavour, and aroma. So, this makes a good promotional gift for people who loves wine. Also, the design looks really classy and elegant. It looks like a premium gift.

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