Saturday 7 September 2019

Best Promotional Gifts From Leading Whiskey Brands

Whiskey is known as the gentleman's drink. And most fans of whiskey are generally from working to the high-class population. So, it's just proper to reward these loyal patrons and at the same time boosting the brand further. So, our product designers have scouted a few retail shops for the best promotional gifts from leading whiskey brands.

This oak barrel pen pot adds decoration to any tables and shelves. Its design makes it easily distinguishable, making it an effective way of promoting your brand. The famous whiskey’s distinct flavour comes from the barrel, which makes it a vital part of the whiskey-making process. Therefore, this barrel pen pot makes great collective for Jack Daniel’s lovers. It is very useful for any writing instruments, which most people have in their homes and offices. With its unique design, it will definitely stand out compared to a standard pen pot.

Glenlivet now offers a sturdy trolley bag as a marketing gift to attract customers to make the purchase. The trolley bag is strong, durable and useful. Customers would have a higher perceived value for such promotional gifts. And this kind of promotion works well at airports and premium shopping spots.

People are instinctively attracted to what they need and what is useful or maybe in the near future. Therefore, this travel bag is one effective promo gift because it's the perfect mix of functionality and style. With its versatility, people will use it for the gym, other travels or even daily. This means high visibility thanks to the logo printed in the middle. If your brand is well-know it consequently leads to an increase in sales caused by impulsive purchase.

Promo gifts are a fantastic strategy in order to increase brand awareness and recognition, leaving a positive impression for potential consumers. Teeling’s whiskey jar bis a superb example of a successful marketing gift idea. The jar contributes to a fulfilling whiskey purchase. Because when customers receive a gift, their perception of the brand improves. As a result, this increases customer retention, an important long-term benefit.

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