Saturday 14 September 2019

Affordable Marketing Gifts That Easily Fits Your Marketing Budget

The marketing budget is the first thing a brand looks at before starting any sort of promotion. It is immensely important, because this helps a brand determine the right promotional product for them. Unfortunately, not all brands have the capacity to run premium promotional items. But fret not, we have consolidated a few marketing gifts that are easy on your pocket!

Custom water bottles offer huge branding potential. Nowadays, people engage in various outdoor activities. Hence a water bottle with your brand on it could come in handy. This particular water bottle flattens when not in use, a lot of customers would be interested in this promotional water bottle. Just print your logo, like what Uniqlo did, and you’ll surely enjoy massive exposure wherever your customers use them.

Also, reusable water bottles help companies minimize the need to purchase bottled water. customers can just refill them with water or juice.

Umbrellas are an extremely effective marketing gift, as they are very useful for people. Umbrelleas also also the perfect opportunity to display your brand name to the public with bright colors and gain massive brand awareness.

It may sound like a cliche but promotional shirts are great marketing gifts. It's an item that is part of everyone's life; an everyday item. Brands may print anything on their branded shirts since shirts are easy to customise. Therefore, this makes t-shirts as one of the most in-demand promotional items for various industries. Furthermore, shirts are not expensive to produce making it the perfect item to almost all industries.

Mugs are used everyday by millions of people. Hence, they are the perfect promotional gift for brands to give away. Promotional mugs are also extremely customizable, and brands can strategically utilize branding, logos, colors, patterns and shapes to capture the largest brand awareness. The most important feature of promotional mugs however, are their low cost. Therefore, mugs are an extremely affordable but effective way to market your company.

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