Friday 20 September 2019

Top 5 Kids Promotional Products That Will Boost Your Brands

Kids play a big role in the decision-making process of an adult at grocery shops, restaurants, vacations, etc. Their preference is always considered by the adults so as not to eventually waste money and to maximise the kids' enjoyment. So, brands thought of something that will attract younger customers. As a result, brand marketers created kids promotional products to further boost marketing and brand retention.

Here are 5 Kids Promotional Products That Were Used By Big Brands

Jollibee is an iconic character in the Phillippines. Kids are very much familiar with this character. Gifting a well-loved character to customers, especially kids, adds value to the brand. Customers would love the idea of getting something that they like from their regular purchase. As a result, customers would keep coming back to the brand because gifts like these, strengthen the relationship between brand and customers. As it is limited-edition, it pushes customers to “buy now” before it’s too late. Kids can use these bags at school, running errands, and sports events. Even if the bag is fully customised and branded, and you have Jollibee all over the bag, the product designers still created something that is functional and not just for display. They have maintained functionality over aesthetics which is a good thing.

Clear backpacks are a great promotional item as they are very different from regular backpacks. This contrast will immediately attract the attention of whoever sees it. Children would also want to buy it in order to be different and stand out from the other kids. Furthermore, you are also able to customize it to an endless possibility of colors and designs.

Tumblers are a perfect marketing giveaway item, as they are often brought to school by children. When your branding is posted on these tumblers, your brand's awareness increases.

Since the advent of this fun item, kids and kids at heart go crazy just to get their hands into of these cool spinners. The hand spinner is popular among kids, teenagers, and students. It’s more than just a fidget toy as it’s deemed useful for those with ADHD, anxiety, and autism. Due to its popularity and health benefits, giving away a hand spinner can have a positive impact on your brand image.

Tuck in your kids at night with this cool LED night light. They'll surely love this promo item. Custom shape LED night lights have become an effective addition not only to indoor rooms but even to vehicles and camping grounds. With its combination of the cleverly crafted glass enclosure, bright light and stunning colour emission, it definitely takes centre stage anywhere it goes. That is why companies are choosing to make use of this excellent product to promote the business. 

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