Wednesday 2 October 2019

3 Sure-Fire Marketing Giveaways For Bars and Restaurants

There's a lot of foot traffic at bars and restaurants. And, these people are paying customers hence, they're the best crowd to promote your brands and products. Now, our team has listed their top 3 favourite bar and restaurant giveaways. Check out the list below

Not only are bottle openers highly customizable, they are also an essential tool used in bars, restaurants and countless other places. For that reason, bottle openers are one of our favourite promotional products. 

Bottle openers are one of our favorite promotional products because there are many ways to customize this item. Furthermore, they are an essential tool for bartenders, restaurants, and snack bars and they provide great opportunities for promoting your brand. When used daily, your company could gain unlimited brand exposure. To further create a lasting impact, it is essential to use high-quality designs for your branded bottle openers.

Other Bottle Opener Designs:

This is one of the most successful bar promos according to several bar, restaurants and drink brands. Such giveaways are excellent promotional ideas because a custom lighter has a high perceived value even though a lighter does not cost much. Offering a promo gift like this leaves a good impression on the brand -- your brand being generous. This promotion is perfect for brands that are rich in nightlife.

Other Lighter Designs:

Lastly, we have custom towels that are right for any restaurant promotion. In our photo, we see a cupcake-looking towel which is pretty and attractive. It is actually a towel rolled up to resemble the shape of a cake. There are many artistic designs available with the same concept. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is a real cake or not. Customers would be impressed when receiving this item which is beneficial for your brand.

Other Towel Designs:

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