Saturday 19 October 2019

Marketing Gift Design: Credit-Card-Sized Promotional Gifts

Are you looking for something that is unique and interesting? Do you need to have promotional giveaways as thin as a credit card? Look no further! Our team of product designers have listed the top 3 credit-card-sized promotional items that are perfect for your brands

USB is a great tool to keep your files with you in the absence of an internet connection. This device lets you store your files and conveniently bring it with you. USBs are small but this credit card-sized USB is even slimmer. 

This credit card USB is highly customizable as well. You can choose a color that matches your logo or your company color. Slogans or contact information can be included too which could double as a unique calling card. 

The storing capacity of this credit card USB can also be changed to your requirements. With such a unique aesthetic, this promotional credit card USBs and other similar items are a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness.

This credit card bottle opener is such a one-of-a-kind item that customers cannot help but check it out. The utility and sleek design are sure to entice customers into buying your products to get this free gift. This inexpensive marketing idea will definitely lead to greater brand recognition and retention.

This idea's customizability allows for simple yet effective brand placement, as well as continual advertising for your brand due do its hard-wearing material. You could use this idea for on-pack promos, or even in bars and social gatherings as a stylish bar blade. 

In today's world where everyone is so reliant on their mobile phones, there is a rise in demand for power banks to power up their day. This power bank is inspired by the sleekness of a credit card, making it incredibly portable. All you need is your logo etched on the power bank, and your brand will be visible every time someone takes it out. A marketing idea that is not only useful but also super effective!

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