Saturday 26 October 2019

Top 4 Halloween Promo Gifts That Will Surely Get You In The Mood

Halloween is just around the corner and it's one of the best times to boost your brands. People are in a festive mood to celebrate the event, hence, it's great to capitalise on this yearly tradition. During the Holidays, people are always looking for new and fun ways to decorate their homes. When they see such a novelty item being offered for a Halloween Promo, they will be attracted and want to take part in this promotion.

Luckily, we have collated the top 4 Halloween marketing gifts that are perfect for the season. 

Key chains are common promotional giveaways for a lot of brands. It's the go-to promo gift for a campaign that doesn't require too much time and preparation. These tiny trinkets are frequently used by customers. Therefore, key chains top our list of promotional products.

This particular Voice Changer is battery operated and has 4 different voice changing effects – Changing to Kid, Boy, Old Man, Robot – each electronically filtered voice is scary in its own right.   These sound chips can be personalized and expand to more than 4 voices.

Pens are great promotional gifts. This particular pumpkin pen lights up and has a pair of hands that punches forward when a button is pressed. Overall, this novelty piece will definitely attract the attention of customers.

This pumpkin lamp emits light from within and is made out of little shards of plastic, and the exterior design has black accents 'carved' to produce the face of a Jack-o'-lantern. When the lights are turned on, the distinctive details on the Jack-o'-lantern will be shown. Having a promotion close to a Holiday will help in reaching out to a demographic of customers that are normally not interested in these kinds of products.

Other Great Halloween Promotional Gifts:

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