Saturday 9 November 2019

Mobile Giveaway: Top Marketing Gifts For The Smartphone User

Smartphones are a huge part of everyone's lives. It's hard to imagine life without this trusty gadget. And since everyone has one, marketers see an opportunity for brand promotion. Our team has compiled the top mobile giveaways for smartphone users.

There is a myriad of promotional mobile gadgets out there, any ordinary item would not cut the mustard. However, these mobile-powered fans are so unique and uncommon, every time it is brought out it will be the topic of the conversation. These fans easily help in brand recognition and retention as it is so eye-catching and memorable. Simply print your logo on these fans and they can be used in almost every public area, be it outdoors or indoors.

With this promo gift, your clients will not have to worry about their phones going flat just when needed most. This is conducive to a working environment, where your client is likely to be on the move and finding a power outlet often proves difficult. As can be seen, this practical promo gift is an excellent way to mark the start of the holidays. Consider gifting a power bank to show appreciation to clients which creates a positive brand image.

Believe or not smartphones are affecting photography’s field as well. Indeed, we bet you are taking more photos with your phone rather than an actual camera. And surprisingly, photos taken with a phone can also be stunning. We've concluded that people prefer to bring around their cellphones instead of a whole set of camera and lens. With that in mind, it's proper to invest in this mobile phone camera lens.

This custom phone holder is quite unique. Unlike other phone holders, this particular phone holder aids a stress-free charging. The loop at the top can hang on the charger, while the external bottom layer can fold upwards to secure the device. The latter is especially noteworthy since it doesn’t cover much of the smartphone’s screen. Meaning to say, the customer can still answer calls and texts even when it’s connected to the power source.

Overall, these marketing gifts will most likely be a hit amongst techy customers. So, if you'd like to start your own set, please feel free to contact us and we'll help you create your promotional products.

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