Saturday 23 November 2019

Brand Promotion: Top 4 Interesting Camping Marketing Gifts

Many people love going outdoors. Exploring forests, reaching the majestic mountain peaks, sleeping under billion stars, if this doesn't ignite the explorer within you, I don't know what else will. So, as brand marketers, we always see to it that we cover every possible market and that includes customers who love the outdoors. Therefore, we've compiled the top 5 most interesting camping marketing gifts that you may use to promote your brands.

Camping is all about packing the right equipment, and with the functions that these lanterns have, it's a must-take item. These camping products are really good due to their practicality. 
These lanterns come in different shapes and designs, but they can all be used as portable and compact storage containers. They are made from robust silicone material and are waterproof, making them a perfect addition to your swimming or fishing trips. Also, you can also place your companies logo to the bottle lid to further increase brand exposure.

The popularity of foldable water bottles has been rising. Why is that so? This innovative bottle takes up less space compared to a normal water bottle. When it is empty, it can be flattened and folded to be kept in your pocket or bag. Also, this promotional foldable water bottle is pretty convenient to carry as many of these foldable bottles have reliable carabiner attached so that customers can fasten them to their bags. 

Everyone uses a water bottle, be it for outdoor or indoor activities. Its ubiquity means that it has a huge branding potential, and its ease of branding also aids the marketing efforts. Additionally, water bottles are perfect for beverage promotions and sponsorships!

Sports teams and drinks companies could collaborate for a customized bottle which they can give away during tournaments.

Bottle openers are such a customizable product, with an endless possibility for creative design. The above image shows rustic wooden bottle openers for a stylish nature-inspired look. There are also bottle openers that double up as a branded coaster. Smaller sized bottle openers are more portable and incentivize people to bring them around, increasing brand exposure when it is taken out to be used. These bottle openers could also use a key ring, increasing their compactness and convenience. Look no further, this is ideal as a GWP.

One way to inspire customer participation is to offer a giveaway that is functional and useful for the customer's daily life. The ability to charge your phone on the go has made power banks a popular product in the last few years. By having solar panels on the charger, this increases the charging capability and makes it last longer. This is also great to take on outdoor trips, camping, etc.

If you are interested in any of these products, feel free to contact our staff at ODM Group. We would be happy to assist you in looking for the perfect camping marketing gift. Otherwise, if you are looking for a promotional gift ideas, you can also view our blogs where we have over 8,000 case studies of products and POS displays from all around the world. or find us on linkedin

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