Monday 13 July 2020

Cash In with 5 Custom Power Bank Ideas

History of Powerbanks

Now that the digital age has been a revolutionary fleet on how consumers are interacting with each other and how they consumer information - it is up to manufacturers and businesses to facilitate the source of energy.

Power banks are not new to this market. They have been first introduced in 2011, with the ability to supply energy to electronics, without using a spare battery part. These power banks are usually inclusive of a USB Input, which allows it to be the universal and portable charger for the average consumer.

Why Marketers love Powerbanks

As a brand manager who is trying to promote the brand, one of the useful techniques that is commonly resurfacing to help promote sales are promotional merchandise. 

We believe that power banks have been such a successful promotional merchandise, simply due to these 3 reasons : 

1. High Utility 

2. Portable 

3. Easy to use

These functions which can be universally used to assess the performance of a promotional product will help you determine if the product will be used by your customers and if it will help gain as much exposure to the masses. 

Moreover, these powerbanks are very easy to mass produce, given the right network of supply chain. 
In this blog, we will cover 5 Custom Power Bank ideas that will help boost your marketing campaigns. 

Unique Beauty Promo - Lipstick and Mirror Powerbank

Customizable Power Bank with Mirror

These are amazing for cosmetic brands that are trying to stand out from competitors. These are multi-functional, therefore serves as both a Cosmetic lipstick/mirror and also a portable charger!
Women love to carry light these days, so let's help them manage their hand bag space by incorporating these functions into a single product. 

Solar Chargers to boost our green marketing Solar Chargers to boost our green marketing

These are next level power banks! We admit, we've seen some solar chargeable power banks - but these are more thoughtful than you'd think. Solar chargeable power banks are so unique and sustainable, customers would appreciate these features that make it so energy friendly. Additional to that, you could also attach it to a window panel so that it could channel as much solar energy into the power bank. Literally - charge wherever you go. 

New Marketing Budget: Cool Designs for Promo Power Banks

Winter can be quite a pain to deal with when your radiator at home breaks down. This is a great solution for customers who are living in cold climates, as it is able to generate heat energy as it is gradually charging. This is much more suitable as the power bank has a cushion-like material that covers the exterior to facilitate comfortable hand-warming. 

Innovative Idea: 2 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank

Everyone appreciates a little music. This would be really handy if you're organizing a small party with a group of friends outdoors. Your phone's battery won't last very long with all the music that it's blasting for your guest. Your wouldn't need to worry so much about it then - since you could easily charge your phones using your Bluetooth speakers.

Custom Journal with Powerbank and USB

Journals and notebooks are not going anywhere! Surprisingly, despite the advancement in technology, smartphones and tablets - many do reserve the use for notebooks. There is nothing like writing on a notebook and we can assure you that customers still actively use them. 
Students and corporate clients would definitely appreciate this product - enabling them to integrate a portable charger into their notebook. 

Contact Us 

Now that we've shared with you the compilation of power banks, we hope you would be able to find some inspiration in this blog. Interested in making your own custom power banks? 
Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in your projects.

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